Just Last Year 2017

songs EP



This short film shows a young man, Jason, going through the motions of life: he goes to school, he goes to a diner, he walks home – but he has hit a brick wall – his father, Lyndon, has recently passed away. Jason keeps replaying memories of his father thinking what it was like for the family just last year when his father was there. A simple conversation about hats at a diner, a playful game of Uno at home during family game night, and a conversation about smoking on the first day of his senior year. Jason was aware of his father’s smoking problem. He doesn’t exactly say he should stop which is why he’s so angry when his father passed. Jason is passive during his conversation with his father about smoking, but never actually tells his father he should stop. 

One night, Jason finally realizes that he wasn’t the only one in pain, but his mother was also struggling trying to be strong for her son. His mother puts on this façade that she’s okay and that she can get through all of this pain by herself. Finally, they both break down together and realize that they can’t do this alone. The mother decides that they can try something new. They find that releasing the ashes created a new mindset for the both of them so they can make it through the situation. However, releasing the ashes doesn’t go as planned. Even through all the things that go wrong, they find that Lyndon is still with them in their hearts. This story deals with pain, struggle and overcoming. It’s a tragedy turned into a heart-warming, loving experience with son and mother.

Rome, Italy